Thursday, 3 June 2010

Growl Movie Pictures

Here below a few pictures of Growl, the upcoming action horror movie written and directed by Sxv'Leithan Essex :
(Click on a picture to enlarge it.)

Katte Sackhoff - growl Movie
We'd don't have pictures of werewolves yet, but you can still take a look to the early teaser posters to get to see what a werewolf will look like in the movie Growl.

Tuesday, 12 January 2010

Growl Movie

Ever thought about combining Mixed Martial Arts and werewolves? You think it's fartfetched? Well, you shouldn't because there's definitely a movie with both ahead of us: it's Growl! Director Sxv'leithan Essex is helming the project based on a script he wrote. The cast includes Katee Sackhoff, Josh Kelly, Paul Bean and Kiefer Sutherland. The movie Growl will be released sometime in 2011.

Take a look to those two teaser posters of Growl:
(Click on a poster to enlarge it.)

"A traveling underground fight club called The Brawlers arrive at a derelict ghost town tucked away in the Colorado Rockies. They meet the town’s only residents, the Maxilla family who want to buy on to the fight card. But the Maxilla family’s true intentions for the Brawler crew is soon revealed in teeth and claws. Some will be hunted, some will be feed, and some will become part of the family… whether they like it or not."

A few words from Director Sxv'leithan Essex about Growl:

"It's Fight Club versus werewolves. Two of my favorite things thrown in the ring to see what will come out alive. But what I love most about it is its completely character driven. I started writing and wanting to direct after seeing Aliens in theaters and how James Cameron made you care about the characters who would eventually be in peril. I love the characters in Growl like they are my family and it sucks to have to kill some of them off. But they do die some glorious deaths. I'm a total horror freak and I write with horror junkies like me in mind, creating the type of film we really want to see on the big screen."
Director Sxv'leithan Essex

I totally dig the concept of Growl: thumbs up for Sxv'leithan Essex who's bringing a breath of fresh air to the horror genre! Hope to get more details about the movie Growl soon, so stay tuned with us!